Hidden acoustics

New Era in Acoustic Design

Let your brain rest

  • 85% of commercial and 67% of residential spaces have unsatisfactory level of acoustics. [According to the research made by University of Minnesota (2009)]
  • Poor acoustics in your living and work spaces reduces the quality of your life.
  • When sound reflects of walls, it creates reverberation. This requires your mind to waste its resources to create “silence” by filtering undesirable noises.
  • Even though human mind is doing this process automatically and continuously, the process drains the person, who spends most of his time in a room with bad acoustics.
  • This causes fatigue, weariness, and accumulation of emotional tension, leading to deterioration of psychological wellbeing.


Noise Reduction Coefficient


day installation


up to width (ft) .


up to LENGTH (FT)​

Wall to Wall Esthetic Acoustic Solution

Stretch Ceiling Technology Incorporating Acoustical Panels

it is Light ®

$ 15
  • Installation included
  • $15 per SQFT solid color
  • $25 per SQFT custom
  • Up to 16 ft width
  • Up to 160 ft lenght


$ 25
  • Self Installation
  • $25 per SQFT solid color
  • $50 per SQFT custom
  • Panel 2 ft width
  • Panel 4 ft length

Simplest and most elegant way to improve acoustics

And the most affordable, by the way.

It is popular choice in spaces such as home cinemas, museums, airports, churches, restaurants, or music venues, swimming pools and restaurants, where the acoustic panels are able to absorb excess sound energy to promote improved comfort.

environment where you can truly rest

sound absorbing walls technology

peace & quiteness

After the house is constructed, there is very little you can do to soundproof your area without extensive renovations. In the case of the wall insulation being not sufficient, the only solution is to absorb sound is with the “acoustic wall”. Even one acoustic wall in your room makes a difference and helps you rest better.

Industry best acoustic panels hidden behind the projector screen

stretch ceiling technology

New Product "2 in 1"

Two in One

Lightning speed of installation, creative designs with high definition digital printing brings in a new era of acoustic design.


Hidden Acoustic Panels

It is scientifically proven that the best shape on the panels is pyramid like shape. It is used in most professional recording studios. We can use other shapes upon request.

Projector Screen

  • Choose from our popular options
  • 8.85 x 5.0 (m) – 400″ for $8,000
  • 5.30 x 3.0 (m) – 240″ for $2,500
  • 4.40 x 2.5 (m) – 200″ for $2,000
  • 3.50 x 2.0 (m) – 160″ for $1,500

Acoustical Treatment

  • It is scientifically proven that the best shape on the panels is pyramid like shape. It is used in most professional recording studios.
  • Standard acoustic panels are not esthetically pleasing to the eye. You most likely would not want to see them in your room. They also tend to collect dust, and are difficult to clean.
  • it is Light offers the best quality [pyramid shapes] and unostentatious design [custom prints]
  • Acoustic stretch ceilings can be used in association with an acoustic absorbent.
  • Acoustic absorption reduces the intensity of the sound waves as they reflect within a room. The wave that emanates from a sound source is partially absorbed by the sheet thereby reducing reverberation. Sheets take the sound energy that it absorbs and converts it into thermal energy.
  • But in cinema rooms, you want to absorb all the vibrations from the speakers to stop it from resonating.