stretched FABRIC Technology


Unified Experience

Significantly reduce project development time with a unified experience for developing end-to-end stretch ceilings solutions. Installations typically don’t take longer than a day.

Photo courtesy of Barrisol USA
Photo courtesy of Barrisol USA


European technology of Stretch Ceilings that has been proven in Europe for over 60 years.

A perfectly smooth ceiling, which will never crack and won’t gather mold or dust.

Installation takes just a few hours and leaves no debris or dust in the room.

Ceilings are Class A (I) Fire Rated in accordance with ASTM E84 testing.

Balanced climate

The stretched fabric technology system for textile stretch walls and ceilings is highly flexible and can be adapted to all spatial conditions. Air conditioning and heating systems can also be easily integrated into the room concept using the latest standards and thanks to innovative solutions. The textile walls and ceilings create a pleasant atmosphere and a cozy feeling of space. With the help of appropriate substructures and flap systems, for example, ventilation pipes and radiators can be installed and discreetly hidden by the textile stretch ceilings. Rooms are equipped at the highest technical level but always retain their elegant look.

Photo courtesy of Barrisol USA
Photo courtesy of Barrisol USA


A finished product that does not produce any dust and does not require painting or repainting. This will eliminate the dust produced during the sanding of the compound on drywall ceilings and or the dust released in the air from mineral fiber tiles. It will also save the environment from the negative aspects of paints used on drywall ceilings over time.

All aluminum components contain 40-80% post-industrial recycled content and 30% post-consumer recycled content.

Photo courtesy of Newmat USA

Strict hygienic criteria

We would recommnend using Barrisol Bio Pruff sheet, which underwent an antimicrobic and anti-fungic treatment which returns it perfectly adapted to the places where the risks of contamination must be minimized as much as possible. The sheet does not show the development of bacteria.

The National Center of Veterinary surgeons and Food Studies of the Ministry for Agriculture attests to the conformity of Barrisol to the requirements of food hygiene.


Because you save on prep and painting works, stretched ceilings become very affordable. In some cases, they are even cheaper to comparison with painted ceilings. However, the product you receive will be distinctively upper class.

Photo courtesy of Barrisol USA

LEED certified

  • Almost all sheets are 100% recyclable.
  • Uses 20 times fewer resources when compared to classic building materials.
  • More than 20-year life span.
  • Meets the US standards: Class 1, UL certified.

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