Backlit walls

stretched fabric technology

not your usual every day wallpaper

Transform any space with a custom backlit wallpaper made from a special acoustic fabric or PVC. High quality material will prevent the image from fading. Select any image and any type of lighting. Backlit picture can visually expand a small or narrow space or level an uneven wall surface.


Noise Reduction Coefficient


waterproof material available


up to width (ft) .


up to length (ft)

Acoustic benefits

  • What is this magic wallpaper made of?
  • Polyester knitted fabric coated with polyurethane, or simply PU.
  • Rated for Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 85% (0.85) according to ASTM C423.
  • An NRC of 0.0 indicates the object does not attenuate mid-frequency sounds, but rather reflects sound energy, 1.0 is complete absorption.
  • NRC is most commonly used to rate general acoustical properties of acoustic ceiling tiles, baffles, banners, office screens, and acoustic wall panels.
  • You can achieve additional noise reduction with a noise damper behind the fabric. You can easily remove an echo in large rooms.
  • There is a wide range of possible materials available, which let’s you choose the option that best fits your room and your budget.

Transform any environment with a custom backlit wallpaper.”

it is light backlit walls

Backlit Fabric Image

Light sources of your choice (LED strips) are placed behind the translucent stretch fabric, which diffuses the light in a pleasant homogenous way for the entire space.

Light transmission rates range from 50% to 90%.

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