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Our unique lighting for your unique space

With continued research and innovation in lighting, homeowners and designers have agreed that one of the best options when it comes to ambient lighting is stretched ceiling technology. The various colors and degrees of translucidity of the sheet give the owner virtually unlimited options. Our experts can create model using a 3D rendering software (V-Ray) that combines real-time and photoreal rendering, showcasing different lighting inside your room.




Thickness (cm)


Color combinations


technology .

Change your atmosphere

With the LED technology, you can make colors to change the atmosphere. These movements find their application in chromotherapy and luminotherapy.

Colored stretched ceiling technology finds particularly well its place in public places such as cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, shops, airports, showrooms, stands.

Lighting is the most important element to consider when designing a space. Light is a mood changer.”

Washington Post

Light up your atmosphere

Light sources are placed above the translucent membrane, which diffuses the light in a pleasant homogenous way for the entire space.

Light transmission rates range from 50% to 90%.

With 50% light transmission.

  • Ambient light: 500-1000 lumens/m^2.
  • General lighting for residential: 1000-2000 lumens/m^2
  • General lighting for commercial and business applications or workplace lighting: 2000 – 8000 lumens/m^2
If the purpose of the stretch ceiling is general lighting we recommend light sources with a high quality spectrum and CRI of minimum 90.

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